Go Places

Find amazing places to visit in the USA and Canada
What is Go Places?

Go Places is a collection of carefully curated places to visit across the USA and Canada. This includes everything from National Parks and State Parks to Lighthouses and UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There are over 11,000 places in 200 categories in the latest version of the app. Once you find somewhere to visit, Go Places makes it easy to record visits, favorites and create custom lists.

Progress tracking?

Go Places will keep track of your progress for each type of place and region that you visit. For example, this screenshot shows progress in the California region.

How many places?

The list gets longer with every release, but right now there are over 11,000 places in the USA and Canada. Here is a full list grouped by property type.

I found a problem

It's hard work maintaining so many places. If you have ideas for changes, corrections etc please get in touch using the Contact link below.

Can I throw you a bone?

Go Places is a labor of love. It's free and there are no adverts or sneaky revenue creating tricks. If you love Go Places and want to make my day, feel free to check my Amazon Wishlist.

Do I need cell service or wifi?

No! Go Places works happily offline and will automatically save your progress the next time you have a data connectioj.

What about sharing across multiple devices?

Yes! All of your progress is saved to your private iCloud account. Your data will automatically synchronize between all devices using the same account.

Why should I sign in?

Go Places supports "Sign in with Apple". By signing up you get the ability to record your visits and track your progress. Go Places lets you manually add visits you've made in the past, and will also save Verified visits when you are a near a place. Excited about tracking the percentage of National Parks you've visited? Or maybe the percentage of places you've visited in your home state? This is exactly what Go Places is designed for.

What will you do with my persional data if I sign in?

Nothing bad. Have a look at the Go Places privacy policy.

I don't want to sign in!

That's fine too. You can skip signing in and still use Go Places to find amazing places to visit.

Need help getting started?

If you've got more questions or ideas for improving Go Places please get in touch.